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“Yellow Room” - String Quartet Masterclass livestreamed at the Manila Symphony Orchestra (MSO) YouTube Channel

Playing in a string quartet requires different skills than that of solo or orchestra playing. Each player is like a soloist that strives to blend within the group without overpower each other, a true embodiment of shared leadership. A good amount of time and effort is spent on coming up with detailed and collective musical decisions which can be challenging especially when players have varying ideas. The groups have started rehearsing a week before the festival and has had at least two coaching sessions with cellist, Anjo Inacay. The first part of the masterclass is a performance of each string quartet, concert style. The second part is where the guest teacher offers suggestions for improvement.

Teachers for morning masterclasses:
William Harvey, violin (USA/MEXICO)
Odin Rathnam, viola and viola (USA)
Kimberly Patterson-Sutton, cello (USA)

Teachers for afternoon masterclasses:
Alessio Benvenuti, violin (ITALY)
Dio Saraza, violin (PHILIPPINES)
Ivan Saraza, violin/viola (PHILIPPINES)